Social Media Policy

The purpose of this social media policy is to establish guidelines and expectations for employees’ use of social media platforms in connection with their employment at Think Ink. This policy applies to all employees and outlines acceptable and unacceptable behaviors on social media.

Professional Conduct:

a. Representing the Company:
When identifying themselves as employees of Think Ink on social media, employees should ensure that their conduct reflects the company’s values and standards.

b. Confidential Information:
Employees must not disclose confidential or proprietary information about the company, its clients, partners, or any sensitive information that could harm the company’s interests.

c. Respect and Courtesy:
All interactions on social media should be respectful and courteous. Employees should refrain from engaging in discriminatory, offensive, harassing, or derogatory behavior.

Personal Use:

a. Separation of Personal and Professional:
Employees are free to use personal social media accounts outside of work hours. However, they should avoid making statements that could be interpreted as representing the opinions or views of the company unless authorized.

b. Disclaimers:
When expressing personal opinions about industry-related topics, employees should clarify that their views are personal and not representative of Think Ink.

Disclosure and Transparency

a. Identification:
When discussing company-related matters or products/services, employees should clearly disclose their affiliation with Think Ink.

b. Accuracy and Authenticity:
Employees should ensure that the information they share about the company is accurate and not misleading.

Protection of Company Reputation

a. Avoiding Conflict of Interest: Employees should refrain from actions on social media that could create a conflict of interest or damage the company’s reputation.

b. Negative Commentary: Addressing negative comments or criticism about the company should be handled professionally and, when necessary, through designated channels or personnel.

Consequences of Policy Violation
Violation of this social media policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Education and Training
Employees will receive training and resources to understand and comply with this policy.

Review and Updates
This policy will be periodically reviewed and updated to reflect changes in social media platforms and company practices.

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